Generic Domain Names

Domain Names
that help your business go places

Until recently, there have only been a limited number of domain extensions available. There are now over 800 new generic top-level domains (gtlds).

These new gTLD’s include options such as .web, .expert, .plumber and .melbourne. With the vast array of new domains available, these is a new gTLD that closely fits your business or industry.

The new domain extensions will give you the opportunity to create memorable website names such as expert.tips or learn.music that are extremely memorable for your potential customers.

Industry Specific Domains

You’ll now be able to position your business within a certain industry. For example, a plumbing business could potentially secure the domain quality.plumber (if it hasn’t already been registered). This domain is not only memorable, it could also have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits in the future as Google and Bing begin to place more weight on these domain extensions.

Location Specific Domains

If you want your visitors to know the location your business services or your office location, these domains are ideal. A local accounting firm could register abcaccounting.melbourne or xyzbakery.sydney. Visitors have a clear understanding of where the business operates and, as with industry domains, there is good potential for SEO benefits.
When registering a gTLD, the individual or organisation may need to meet certain eligibility requirements and consideration should be given to existing Trademark laws. When placing a domain name order, Host Geek does not guarantee registration of the domain. If we are unable to register your domain, the fee will be refunded to you.