All the server options your business needs

Host Geek pride itself as the provider of options that is useful for businesses of all sizes. Not only we provide shared web hosting, we have servers and maintenance plans to ensure that your business runs as it should without the worries of management. Our support team is always around to assist with any concerns you may come across.

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Let us help boost your online performance and visibility

VPS Hosting

  • Get more power, control and security than your everyday standard shared web hosting solution. VPS are made to grow with the expansion of your website, and essentially your business. Gain control of your hosting resources!

Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • You need flexibility for your resources to quickly scale up or down at any point in time. Launching a new product line and expecting high growth? Increase your capacity to handle your business changes and change when required.

Server Management

  • Configuration, reboots, firewalls, anti-spam, anti-virus, mail servers, plesk, DNS, SQL… PHEW! The world of server management can be confusing at times, especially during critical moments. Let us ensure your systems are working optimally – it’s what we love to do.

Advanced cPanel Security Service

  • We offer a once-off security service for VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers) services running WHM/cPanel. Let us take care of your server security so you can concentrate on the other areas of your business.

Server Backups

  • Have you ever experienced a personal computer or smart phone crashing on you? Perhaps you lost all your phone numbers, or your music collection – fairly annoying, but you lived. Imagine if this happened to your business.