Presenting Host Geek’s cPanel Server Security Service

Host Geek is proud to announce a new cPanel Server Security service for all WHM/cPanel servers. This one-off service delivers significantly enhanced security to all WHM/cPanel servers – e.g. VPS (Virtual Private Servers), VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers) and PDS (Physical Dedicated Servers).

  • Do you have a Virtual Server running WHM/cPanel
  • Are you worried about the security of your server and websites?
  • Have your websites been hacked

cPanel Server Security Service provides significant boost to server security

This service brings a number of technologies to the table to increase the overall security of your server. By combining a reliable anti-virus engine with a pro-active exploit scanner, the security of your server can be increased drastically. One of the core benefits to this service is the commercial exploit scanning engine, which actively checks all files that are created or modified within each cPanel account on the server. It then checks these files against over 3000 known exploit signatures, and automatically quarantines the affected file to keep your server safe.

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Application Update Notifications

One of the most common reasons websites get hacked is that the web software (e.g. WordPress or Joomla) is not kept up to date on the websites. As a result, security vulnerabilities (which are often found in these popular open source projects) are not patched, and easily exploited by hackers. Another key feature of this service is that the server administrator is notified when out of date web applications are found, allowing for action to be taken to keep these sites secure.

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cPanel Best Practice Security Settings

As part of this service, our trained technicians will configure a broad range of advanced security settings to help increase the overall security of the server. These changes are made by hand (rather then a bulk script) so that we can ensure that the settings for your server are appropriate for your environment – each server is slightly different from the next and this is not a once size fits all area.

Included in this advanced configuration is the definition of security policies that prohibit scripts from sending email via direct SMTP connections to outside your server. From our experience a large percentage of sites that have been compromised try to send spam via external SMTP servers (typically mis-configured servers that act as an open relay). These policies prevent this mail from being sent, protecting the reputation of the IP address of your server.

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Affordable Server Security

Keeping your server safe and secure doesn’t need to break the bank. Our WHM/cPanel Server Security Service is affordably priced, at just $175 ex GST once off per server. Why wait to boost the security of your server?

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