Ingredients You Need To Be A Successful Food Blogger

Love cooking, baking, or anything at all that is related to food? Keen on starting your own Food Blog and sharing your passion and creations with the world? Well, you’re in luck! Today we are looking at the ingredients you need to be a successful Food Blogger. There are literally millions of food blogs in existence at this very moment – so what can you do to ensure yours truly stands out of the crowd? What can you do to ensure your Food Blog is one that people will return to over and over again? Read on to find out more!

Beautiful Photography

As you know, we eat with our eyes. If something doesn’t look good, chances are we are going to pass on it or source for something that looks more tantalising and appetising. This mindset applies to food blogs as well – you want to leave your readers drooling over your creations in their seat. Learning the basics of good food photography will definitely benefit your food blog. You can purchase online lectures and courses on how to shoot food, or even just spend the day practicing with different crockery, utensils and lighting techniques.

Aside from the finished product, you will want to take photos of the preparation methods and ingredients in your recipe as well. This way, readers get to fully understand what they will need to do when they make your recipe for dinner on the weekend.

Let Everyone Know More About You

A compelling “About” page is something that you definitely want to get onto. Your “About” page is a great way to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other food blogs out there. What makes your recipes special? What are you best known for in the kitchen? Letting your readers know more about you and your passion is a great way to ensure your blog stands out from the rest. Cooking is truly an intimate experience and you will be able to build a great connection with your readers by letting them get to know you. Oh, a great photo of yourself will be beneficial on the “About” page as well, so get cracking!

Ensure Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

If your food blog/theme is not mobile friendly, then you are truly losing out on a lot of potential traffic. Not having a mobile friendly website may also result in you receiving a penalty on search results, greatly affecting your ranking when people search for a recipe. In the quick paced world of today, many people access recipes through their mobile phones and tablets when they are cooking. Ensuring your site looks great and performs well regardless of what device a user is accessing it from is a key ingredient in the recipe for a successful food blog.

Find Your Niche

As mentioned before, there are a million food blogs out there and most of them cater to everyone’s needs. In order to stand out, you will need to do the opposite of this – you need to find your niche. Instead of catering to everyone’s diets, find a way to cater to one specific market. Whether you are a Vegan, Paleo, Low Carb or a Raw Food aficionado, finding your niche and sticking to it is vital to your success.

Test Your Recipes

If you are going to post a recipe up for others to make, you will definitely want to ensure that you have tested the recipe and that it is the best it could possibly be. Nothing is worse than having negative comments from users who have tried your recipes and are dissatisfied with the results.

Simple Reader Interaction

Inevitably, you are going to receive an influx of questions from people who want to make your recipes. Whether they need help with substitutions or a little guidance in going about making your recipes, you want to ensure that there is easy reader interaction on your website. Enabling threaded comments is a fantastic way to encourage reader interaction and build a strong and lasting relationship with your readers. And of course, always remember to respond to all queries – don’t just leave your readers hanging!


So what are you waiting for? Follow these steps and we are sure you will be on your way to a successful food blog in no time! Happy munching! 

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