Host Geek’s Startup Program aims to assist new Australian business owners

As of 1 April 2017, getting your business online doesn’t have to be expensive. With Host Geek’s Startup Program, all newly registered Australian business owners will have more money in their pockets as they establish their business in the online space. Host Geek aims to assist new business owners with their startup strategy by sharing the costs of their chosen Host Geek services for their first-year after signing up.

Upon acceptance into the Startup Program, new business owners will receive 50% off their first-year costs for all Host Geek services signed up and billed in the first invoice, except for the cost of their domain name registration.

To be eligible, new business owners will need to:

  • Have their new company registered within the last 6 months with ASIC.
  • Have decided on their preferred “” or “” domain name to register through Host Geek.
  • Sign up for any Host Geek services (including web and email hosting) for a minimum of one year.

Host Geek’s Startup Program is only for newly registered companies signing up for our services for a minimum of one year. Domain name registrations are not included. The program’s offer applies to the first invoice only.

How to apply?

New business owners in Australia have to apply for the Startup program by filling in an online form here.

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