5 reasons you should be using Magento for your ecommerce site

Ecommerce sites have experienced a huge boost in popularity recently to reflect the rise in numbers of people setting up their own businesses. With a wide selection of website platforms and building tools available to businesses to use to set up their ecommerce sites, new business owners may struggle to know which is going to be the best one to use.

Magento has the distinction of being the most popular CMS for ecommerce and has a 26% share of the market. If you’ve not yet made up your mind about which website platform you should use then here are 5 reasons why you should be using Magento for your ecommerce site.

Magento was made for ecommerce

Magento was purposely built for ecommerce so unlike other website platforms, ecommerce solution is a given. Your platform from Magento will include all of the features and specifics required to run a functional ecommerce site. Other website platforms may not include everything you need and therefore you will have to either add them yourself or pay a website developer to do it for you.

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It’s open source

Magento CMS development is developed by a wide community throughout the world, and it is no longer tied to Varian so it will continue to be developed and updated even if Varian was to go under. This worldwide community of developers also means it is well adapted for use all over the world. You may have a developer in Australia, one in America and another in Hong Kong, all making Magento well-suited and designed for users all over the world.

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You’ll benefit from high performance

Magento outperforms all of its competitors when it comes to performance parameters such as page load speed and query process times. Slow load times can kill an ecommerce site’s conversion rates and so Magenta aims to prevent this with high-end caching techniques to prevent any such issues occurring.

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It’s a scalable solution

Magento can be used by any business from multi-national companies and small ecommerce businesses equally well. Your Magento website platform can be updated and enhanced in order for it to grow along with your business.

There’s support for mobile commerce

Mobile optimisation is becoming a vital part of ecommerce survival as more people turn to shopping on their phones and tablets rather than the PC. All editions of Magento have now incorporated multiple HTML5 capabilities, ensuring greater mobile shopping experience for your ecommerce shoppers.

If you’re still not sure about Magento, then it’s best to speak to your website designer, who will run through the benefits specific to your business.

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