Do I Need To Hire A Server Manager?

Whether you’re a small start-up or a well-established enterprise, the need to have technology on your side is essential to daily business operations, security and ultimately your success. With a heavier reliance on technology it’s even more important to ensure that your server is working as it should, keeping valuable data protected and ensuring you’re not being blighted by technical issues.

This process can all be a little overwhelming and time consuming, particularly if it’s not your area of expertise, which is why we’re looking at the benefits of outsourcing server management.

What Is Server Management

In a nutshell, server management can cover anything that keeps your computer and network systems fully functional, this includes configurations, reboots, firewalls, anti-spam, anti-virus, SQL, plesk and DNS. It is these elements, which all work to keep your network up to date and your business data safe.
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Think Time

Naturally, carrying out and monitoring server management requires time and skill. Which is why doing it yourself or having another member of staff carrying out server management in addition to their current role, could mean you’re wasting valuable business time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.
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Don’t Take Risks

Furthermore, by not keeping on top of your server management, or doing it inefficiently you could be putting your business at unnecessary risks to hacking or data loss due to systems not being backed up frequently or correctly. This is where hiring a server manager can help reduce these eventualities, as they will be dedicated to ensuring your business server is protected and kept up to date at all times. They can also carry out regular maintenance and reviews of your server quickly and efficiently to identify any problem areas, providing instant solutions that you may well have missed.
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Saving You Money

Although outsourcing a service that you currently do in-house may seem like it would cost you more, you would be surprised at how much more efficient your server management can be when it’s in the hands of the experts. In addition, having remote management can mean that you save money on paying a salary for server management, as Server Management services are designed to be a more cost-effective solution.
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As experts in this field, we can take the hassle out of server management allowing you to focus on the core elements of your business. If you’re struggling to manage your network server or don’t know where to start, now is definitely the right time to let the Geeks take control.

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