Reputation Management – How To Clean Up Your Web Presence

Have you ever Googled yourself, your business or even one of your competing rivals in the market? I’m sure all of us are guilty of having done this – after all, it is just human nature to be inquisitive. Where do you rank on Google? Where does your competition rank? Who is leading the pack in their SEO game? All these are questions that may be running through your head when you are on your Google search frenzy.

But guess what, you’re not alone. It is well known that in this day and age where technology rules, potential employers and employees utilise Google to find out more about the people they are going to hire, or the company they want to work for. This is why it is absolutely crucial to clean up your web presence. Read on to find out the ways in which you can engage in reputation management in order to clean up your web presence today.

Check All Social Media Settings

You need to fully understand what the public has access to, or what you are presenting as public on your social media platforms. If there are things that should be kept to only your close friends and family, then there is no better time than now to make such posts and images private!

Most social media platforms have a customisable settings and security section. Always remember – check yourself before you wreck yourself! Potential employers will not be impressed with colourful language or images from that crazy party you went to last week. 

It’s Time To Develop Your Alter Ego

You know what they say, fake it till you make it. A great idea would be to consider using a different surname for social media accounts – this way, potential employers will most likely not be able to find your social media profiles online. Many professionals have separate professional and private accounts online – they don’t mix business with pleasure, and you shouldn’t either.

Contact Website Owners

Is there a nasty or less than impressive comment that you left on a website 5 years ago still floating around the internet? Or are there a few less than flattering images of you still up on someone’s Facebook page? If so, you will need to contact website owners or the people who have uploaded images of you and ask them to remove such posts or photographs. Always ask nicely, as you don’t want any trouble and want to make sure that they remove all traces of less than flattering instances from your past.

Last But Not Least, Hire An Expert

In extreme cases, it may be wise to hire a specialised reputation management company. There are a number of companies out there who specialise in cleaning up digital footprints. Although this can indeed cost quite a fair amount of money, it is a great way of ensuring that your digital footprint looks squeaky clean.


And finally, a general rule to live by: if you’re comfortable showing your online presence to your Granny, then you’re pretty much safe. 

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