Powerful Tips To Boost Your Blogs Readership

Having a Blog section on your business page has become one of the most crucial aspects to any business’ growth in today’s world. Blogs add personality to your website, increase client interaction and heighten reader engagement. Whilst putting up blog posts seems an elementary task, the crucial aspect to this concept of business blogging is getting people to actually take a peek at what you have been posting. How do you make sure people are reading the articles you put up? Follow our Powerful Tips To Boost Your Blogs Readership to find out!

Powerful Tips To Boost Your Blogs Readership[tweetthis]#Consistency is key in creating a constant stream of #traffic to your #blog. [/tweetthis]

1.Consistency Is Key

Nothing turns readers off more than a blog that has not been updated in months, if not (god forbid) years. That is a surefire way to lose readers. When you blog, keeping posts consistent is one of the key elements in creating a constant stream of traffic to your site. Whilst you do not have to put a new post every single day, it is definitely a good idea to keep a blogging schedule, ensuring that there is fresh and new content up every so often. A great way is to schedule blog posts to go up on a certain day of every week, so that readers know to expect a fresh post at a certain time every week.

2. Start Connecting

Connecting with other bloggers, businesses or websites is a pivotal step in ensuring the success and online life of your venture or business. Some great ways of connecting with others is to comment on other blogs, leaving a link to your blog every time you do so. Never spam any other blog with generic comments – always make sure to offer valid, genuine and relevant comments to the blog you are commenting on. Another great way of connecting would be to allow trackbacks on your articles. This gives you the opportunity to track who is sharing your articles, allowing you to potentially make contact and establish connections with other bloggers and their communities. [tweetthis]It’s all about #networking when it comes to boosting your #blog #readership. [/tweetthis]

3. Always Keep Your Posts Organised

There is nothing more frustrating than an article or blog post that is just all over the place. I liken an unorganised blog post to a messy pile of dishes in the sink – you just do not know where to start. This is what your readers will experience if you do not organise your post well – in fact, they’ll just go running to another blog! A few key tips in post organisation would be to use appropriate headings in your posts and keep paragraphs short and sweet. Always be sure to check for punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors before hitting that publish button.

4. Stay Active On Social Media

Social media is truly a gift sent from above when it comes to marketing your business, blog or product. Social media provides an instantaneous way for readers to share your website, blog and articles with their friends, family and colleagues. Creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your website is a fantastic way of pushing your blog posts out there. Other great social media mediums such as Pinterest and Twitter are great ways of promoting your blog posts whilst also giving others the opportunity to share it amongst their social circles.

5. Get On The SEO Bandwagon

Everyone wants and hopes for their website to show up on page one of a Google search. Thankfully, fiddling with a few SEO tactics can help your website or blog show up top on Google rankings. Great ways of ranking high on the SEO ladder are to sparingly use relevant key words in your blog post, linking to other relevant sources, and posting original content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet. This is a surefire way to boost your blogs readership! [tweetthis]Want to #rank high on #Google? Start building on your #SEO #tactics [/tweetthis]

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