The Importance Of Refreshing Your Site Content

Whereas you may think when your website has been developed and pages populated with content the job is finished, at Host Geek we say ‘think again!’

With content becoming an increasingly important ranking factor for Google, old and outdated content that isn’t clear and is stuffed with SEO terms that once gave you the edge over the competition could not only be putting potential customers off but having an adverse effect on your ranking.

[tweetthis]old and outdated #content that isn’t clear and is stuffed with #SEO terms could be having an adverse effect on your #ranking[/tweetthis]

If this is you, then now is the perfect time to update your site content. Below we’ll highlight a few important reasons why it’s time to refresh and tips on how to do it effectively.

Go Page By Page

You don’t need to hire a genius to rewrite your site content, and it doesn’t have to be a big job. Work at it little by little so you don’t feel inundated, and if you’re giving your site a facelift you can even work away so the new content can launch at the same time as the new site. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your current URL structure in place – if you delete a page or change the URL you’ll lose all the hard work you’ve already put in for search engine optimisation.


Get A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

Grammar and spelling mistakes happen to the best of us, so a fresh pair of eyes to look over the site content always helps. This can not only help find ways to improve content and keep it relevant but can help you catch mistakes too.

Identify New Opportunities

Going over your old site content can help you identify what’s missing and what needs to be expanded upon. On top of this, old blogs can provide inspiration for updates on key issues too, allowing you to link keywords back to these old blogs to create a strong internal linking structure.

[tweetthis]going over your old site #content can help you identify what’s missing[/tweetthis]

Optimise Calls To Action

The end of your page is a great place to urge your users to take the next step – whether that involves getting in touch or signing up to your newsletter.

Refresh Imagery

The impact an image has on web users dulls over time, and not only that but images go in and out of trend (for example that godawful image of the hands holding soil and a small plant growing). Get fresh imagery to go with your fresh site content and it can give your site a whole new appearance.

Ensuring your site content remains maximised and in line with Google’s core algorithm will mean you’re never left in an up-hill struggle for online dominance. Couple this with reliable and national hosting and your online strategy will be bullet proof.

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