How to Ensure Your Music Blog is Making Noise

Ok, all puns aside, music is the lifeblood of humanity.

How many times have you thought about the soundtrack to your life? Have you ever stopped to think how unscary all of the scary movies in the world would be without the anticipatory high-stakes music rattling around in the background? Or how unromantic and boring a romance film would be without a sweeping soundtrack to accompany all the heartache and smooching? Yeah, just think about that for a second. Films without soundtracks would be pretty terrible.

If you’re a music lover (and to be honest, we are yet to find a person alive who doesn’t like music in some form or another) then you might have toyed around with the idea of starting your own music blog. If you’re a switched-on person who has their finger firmly on the pulse of what’s happening in the music scene, then perhaps you should! Starting a music blog is simple enough, but how do you make sure that your blog is making the right kind of noise and reaching the audience you want to reach?

Music is a huge part of the internet now, what with Spotify making such huge waves and other streaming sites making finding new music easy, and a big part of the curation process comes down to music blogs. We’re going to show you how to make sure that your music blog is reaching the right audience. Take a look.

Find your Music Blogging niche

Are you a huge fan of metal music? Do you know every album that Disturbed have ever released and then some? Then guess what? That’s your niche. A key part of finding your niche is finding something that you are passionate about and then sharing that passion with the world.

What are you an expert in? Is dubstep your thing? Are you a chronic fan of the swingin’ sixties and want to draw comparisons with modern music? Maybe you’re into looking at new music and making up your own awesome playlists. Whatever you love to do, make sure you blog about that thing. If you build it, they will come.

Pick a great name

You want your blog to be based largely on the content that you are writing and sharing with the world, but the name of your blog is always going to be a bit important as well. Your name needs to be catchy and memorable, and it also needs to be unique.

If you aren’t sure how to go about finding a unique blog name there are a lot of tools out there online that help you find a unique name for your blog. You need to remember that if you’re going to have any social media profiles that they all need to align with your blog name as well, so it’s a good idea to check everything out before you get your heart set on a name.  

Plan your content

You want to make a plan to ensure that the content you’re posting is dear to your heart, but is also useful to your consumers. It’s important to think about what you like, but it’s also important to consider what your readers are going to want.

Are there genres you can categorise your blog posts into?

What is the best format for your blog? Are you thinking of vlogging? Maybe you’re keen on Snapchat as the best way to share micro stories. Think about what format is best for your consumers and also about spreading your content over a number of platforms to encourage use through various forms.

After you have nailed down your content and your website’s niche, it’s just a matter of posting about your music. Reviews of shows, live updates, video blogs and images are all great ways to reach out to your consumers. Keep them in mind first and you’ll always have a loyal fan base who are eager to read more.

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