eCommerce Conference and Expo Melbourne

The 3rd annual eCommerce Conference & Expo is fast approaching. This is Australia’s only event that focuses on finding, converting and retaining customers online and this is the third Annual event. Once again, the Geeks will be exhibiting at the Expo so we’d love for you to drop by and visit us at Stand 4008.

Why would you come to eCommerce Melbourne?

  • listen to leading experts from the world of eCommerce
  • get loads of practical advice at the workshop sessions
  • meet leading industry suppliers at the eCommerce Expo
  • take advantage of some excellent networking opportunities


The Conference segment of this event will be bringing the cream of the crop to Melbourne. The speakers will arm you with new skills, fresh ideas and better ways of getting things done within the world of eCommerce.

Some key take-outs you can expect from the Conference

  • Understand customer clicks to tailor campaigns to the right audience
  • Leverage digital commerce to achieve international success
  • Increase the retention rate of your customers population
  • Foster customer loyalty with excellent customer service
  • Optimise for a multi-device and multi-channel world
  • Target content to speak to the specific needs of various customers
The Geeks at eCommerce Expo 2014

To read more about the eCommerce Expo and book tickets click here.

You can order tickets to the Expo for FREE or buy tickets for the conference. Tickets to the Expo won’t be free on the day so get in now. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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