5 Browser Extensions To Install Right Now

As the web constantly evolves, so does your user experience, and whereas the term ‘Open Web’ is bandied around as a talking point there can be limitations put on your browsing experience. Rebels that we are at Host Geek, we’ve picked out five of our favourite browser extensions so that you can bend the web to your will.


One of the simple truths of the internet is that you need a password for everything – from job applications and email to e-commerce and social media. With this comes certain restrictions, as evidenced by this great tweet:
password tweet
Due to arbitrary password restrictions, and the fact that it isn’t safe to use the same password for every single site, it can sometimes be hard to remember them all.

Enter LastPass. LastPass remembers your passwords so that you can focus on the more important things in life and can automatically log you on, streamlining your browsing experience.

Coupons At Checkout

Forget Black Friday, chances are you want to make savings every single day. The way Coupons At Checkout works is by detecting coupon code boxes on websites that have been left empty and from there it automatically searches the web for you, uncovering all that retailer’s latest coupon codes before entering them for you without a single click.


If you spend your time editing a lot of images and going through the rigmarole of downloading an image, editing it, and uploading it again, Pic2Pixlr is a must have. By installing this extension, all you have to do is right-click the image you want, click ‘open with Pic2Pixlr’ and it automatically imports it into Pixlr’s free image editor, streamlining the whole process.

HTTPS Everywhere

With the recent news that SSL Certificates will soon be free for all, this extension might be redundant come 2016 but for now it adds a layer of security that you might want. Encrypting your web usage to HTTPS whenever possible, it helps keep your private information safe and is being spearheaded by the Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


With over 50million users on Google Chrome alone, AdBlock has become one of the internet’s most popular browser extensions much to the chagrin of websites that use advertising as their major source of income. But if you ever had to fight a million pop-ups in the early 2000s and had trouble with malicious redirects and attempted malware installations you’ll know just how much of a godsend this extension is.

What Browser Extensions Are Your Favourite?

We’re always on the lookout for other great extensions and we’d love to hear what some of your favourites are!

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