5 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Agency Hosting

Outsourcing your hosting support is one of the biggest ways a SME can compete with the larger and more dominant companies, freeing up resources and gaining other advantages.

As a hosting company, we pride ourselves on high quality support, intricate knowledge, and competitive rates. With a decade of web hosting under our belt we have developed a highly experienced support team that know hosting like the back of their hand, so no matter what you ask us the chances are we’ve heard it before and will have any issue sorted fast.

These are just a few reasons why agencies are coming to us more and more to assist with hosting solutions for both them and their clients. But what are the biggest benefits for outsourcing your agency hosting with HostGeek?

[tweetthis]Money and time are any agencies biggest commodities. By #outsourcing your #hosting it frees these up[/tweetthis]

Reduced Overheads

Often the biggest draw for agencies coming to us for outsourcing their agency hosting is the amount of money they save. With the complete package of options HostGeek provide – from Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers to Specialised and VPS Hosting – we meet any requirement.

Versatile Customer Support

We offer a range of contact options – from phone to email to live chat – ensuring we are available at the most convenient time and method for you. By outsourcing your agency hosting we are able to answer queries on an as-and-when basis and it allows you to not put a limit on your hosting support. On top of this we can even offer remote support if your issue proves to be too challenging.

[tweetthis]By outsourcing your #agencyhosting we are able to answer queries on an as-and-when basis[/tweetthis]

Unrivalled Knowledgebase

By having a team of geeks at your beck and call you get the benefit of all our brainpower – after all, two heads are better than one. We all have many years experience, so you name the issue and chances are we’ve dealt with it when it comes to hosting.

Consistent Service

Few SME’s can match our data centre – by managing the hosting for a large variety of companies we are able to offer a more efficient, powerful and reliable service than those having in-house hosting can provide. What’s more, we’re not at risk of any power outage and lags in speed due to the intelligent design of our network.

[tweetthis]HostGeek can offer a more efficient, powerful and reliable service than those having #inhouse #hosting can provide[/tweetthis]


Who knows where your agency will be in one, two, five or even ten years. When your agency grows, your infrastructure needs to grow with it too and this puts more stress on your hardware and software resources. By outsourcing your hosting, we are always ready for your growth and any conundrum you can throw at us – we’re here to meet your expectations, understanding and crafting solutions to your hosting needs.

Money and time are any agencies biggest commodities. By outsourcing your hosting it frees these up so you can focus on winning new business and servicing your clients in other ways, and in partnership with HostGeek you get the best support in Australia.

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