The Benefits Of Using A Business Email Service

While we’re all for free email accounts whether your bag is gmail, yahoo or Hotmail, when it comes to conducting business or even applying for jobs, a freebie email address can often give the wrong impression to the people you want to impress.

Try pitching a business on your hot new trend with an email like zombieater@whatever.com and see how far you get.

Setting up a professional email service is a simple process and can provide a significant boost to your credibility, help assert your brand, and allow you to compartmentalise your brand whether you’re a start-up or SME.

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If you’ve got a domain set up or would like customised email accounts without the requirements of a full web-hosting package, there are a few easy ways to get a business email set up:


When it comes to web hosting, either POP3 or IMAP will be included with the service. Each of these has their own distinct advantages – IMAP is synchronised so you have access to the same content no matter how you’re checking your email whereas POP3 will download emails to your local machine and it isn’t synchronised.


If you don’t want the inconvenience of a client/server email account and want to continue to have access to email through your browser, Google’s Gmail service is a great and free option used by a variety of businesses. Not only does it provide a fantastic webmail experience, but by using the service you get access to additional and useful business tools such as Google Drive and Google Analytics through your account.

Hosted Exchange

With synching options between devices, ability to book appointments in a cloud diary and ability to share a calendar among your colleagues, Hosted Exchange email is the holy grail of business email services. This added functionality is compatible with Outlook, Skype For Business, meaning you can collaborate and organise whether you’re across the hall from each other or on the other side of the world.


We know how important emails are for the day to day running of every business, so we are more than happy to set up email hosting accounts on your existing software so that there are no interruptions.

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