Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

When it comes to finding the right hosting solution for your website, there are an increasing number of options available. While this is of course an advantage – no more “one size fits all” issues – it can make choosing which solution to go with a confusing matter.

Shared hosting is where your website is hosted on a shared server, along with a number of other websites – this is a popular hosting option for businesses looking to make their first steps online. To help you decide if shared hosting is the right solution for your business, we’ve pulled together some advantages and disadvantages of this offering below.

Advantages of shared hosting

One of the main advantages of shared hosting, which has led to it being such a popular option for smaller businesses, is its affordability. Shared hosting is considerably cheaper than a dedicated hosting service, thanks to the fact that you are sharing server space with a number of other websites.

Another reason shared hosting is popular with businesses making their first steps online is the technical support and customer service it comes with. If you’re setting up your first website, chances are you won’t have much knowledge and experience, so it can be a major advantage to have an expert team who are on hand to answer any questions and deal with any issues you might have.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

Naturally, one of the main disadvantages of shared hosting is that you are sharing space on a server, rather than having your own dedicated server. This can lead to limited space and bandwidth, which in turn can lead to slower loading times, especially if other websites on the same server experience spikes in traffic. However, if you choose a reliable hosting company, this should not be a major issue.

Luckily, if you outgrow your shared hosting solution you can upgrade to a new solution, more suitable for your needs. Get in touch with our team today to see which of our hosting solutions is right for your business.

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