6 Essential Tools For All Online Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur in today’s world isn’t as simple as everyone thinks it is. Internet entrepreneurs are nowadays people who need to be able to manage various tasks such as collaborating with team members and sending customers personalised messages on top of all the essential skills one needs to run a business of their own. This why it is absolutely crucial for entrepreneurs to stay organised and efficient in all that they do. In a somewhat chaotic world of entrepreneurism, it is key to make sense of chaos in order for one to truly succeed. How can you go about doing this? Well, you’ll need to use tools to help you manage said chaos. Here are 6 essential tools that all entrepreneurs need in their arsenal.


For an entrepeuner, it is not uncommon for one to have to handle multiple tasks at once or focus on several projects at once. This is why Trello is a tool that you most definitely need. This project management tool can help an entrepreneur stay both confident and motivated. Trello keeps your entire team connected with its drag and drop cards. You will be able to organise several projects with multiple people at the same time, all without having to worry if someone has not seen your message. Communication with team members is made a piece of cake as you will be able to add comments, upload files and attachments and set due dates in ease.


Did you know that global consumer internet video traffic will account for up to 80% of all consumer internet traffic by the year 2019? Amazing, isn’t it. For those who haven’t invested in video, now is the time for you to start and not be left behind. Wistia will assist you in taking your video marketing to the next level. You will be able to generate new leads with the Turnstile email collector in Wistia, and you will be able to customise the colours and controls of your videos. Furthermore, you will be able to track how each viewer interacts with your content which can help you collect priceless data about your clients/audience.

Host Geek

Online presence means absolutely everything in the ingredients of a successful business. Websites broadcast your both you brand image and help you showcase your products and services to consumers. This is why you need a reliable website with 24/7 staff support and assistance in keeping your website well maintained all the time. Look no further than us, Host Geek!


Good communication is the binding force between good teamwork. Entrepreneurs constantly have to interact with their co-workers and team in order to complete projects as well as plan future goals and growth. Slack  helps release your co-workers and team from the stresses of email and helps improve everyone’s productivity. You will be able to send everyone direct messages as well as start voice and video calls with your team on Slack.


Content is absolutely essential in educating your customer base on new theories, concepts and projects. This is why you will always want to attract and keep their attention glued to what you have to say. What better way to do this than with imagery that captures their attention?  Pexels provides a library of over 25,000 free stock photos that are under the Creative Commons Zero license. Search through their vast collection of images and choose what suits your message the best.


Did you know that webinars actually rank as the second most effective type of content that  marketers cab use if they are looking to increase their lead generation efforts? So, if you aren’t currently taking advantage of webinars, it’s time to start. GoToWebinar allows you to tell your brand’s story to the world and grow your business. During webinars, you are able to engage your audience with interactive activities such as surveys, Q&As and polls. Engaged attendees turn into loyal customers.

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