5 Signs Your Business Needs A Website

We all know that building a fantastic website for your business costs a significant amount of time, money and investment. If your business has managed just fine without a website thus far, it could be easy to make excuses or justifications as to why you do not need to build a website for your business or simply just put having to deal with it. Have you ever wondered if your website-procrastination actually be hurting your business? If you are still dangling around the idea of whether or not building a website for your business is truly worth the money and time that you will have to invest into it, then here are a few signs/alarm bells that will let you know if it truly time to take that plunge and get started!

You Are A Human Being Living In 2017

Forgive the sarcasm, but this is truly one of the biggest yet most obvious points of this entire article. If you and your business exist is 2017, YOU NEED A WEBSITE. Why? Well, as we all know, the internet is a massive part of how people make purchasing decisions in this day and age, and this isn’t just for products that you can purchase online. About 80% of shoppers nowadays do extensive research online before buying something from a physical store. Reviews and the comments that are available online greatly influence people’s buying decisions.

How many customers have you already missed out on due to your invisible online presence? It’s time to rectify this problem by investing in a quality website for your business today. You deserve it!

You Keep On Coming Across Web-Marketing Strategies

If you have put lots of effort into reading marketing tactics online, you will notice that there is so much chit-chat online that talks about the value of social media marketing, SEO and content marketing. These tactics are being used by many many businesses around the world, and chances are, that group of people consists of your competitors as well. Unfortunately, without a website, it is near impossible to be a contender in the digital marketing or SEO field – after all, what will you promote?

When it comes to digital marketing, one thing that is of great importance is that it tends to be more effective and provides a better return on investment than other types of advertising. So if you are currently wasting your money on radio ads or newspaper ads, you may need to reconsider your advertising spending and put money into building a website and digital marketing instead.

You Don’t Want To Become Obsolete

The longer you procrastinate or avoid investing in a good website, the more invisible you will become to your potential customers. In fact, past customers may even wonder if you have gone out of business if they can’t find your website. If you don’t have a website, it tends to look rather unprofessional these days may make people take you less seriously. This is something you definitely want to avoid! So stop procrastinating – commit to getting your website built so that business has the chance to maintain and grow its legitimacy.

Someone Asks Where They Can Find You On The Web

Has a customer recently asked if you have an Instagram or Facebook page that they can follow? Well, if so, then you know you truly need to get on that digital bandwagon. It is a basic expectation these days that any company has a web presence. A website’s the easiest way for customers to to look up your address or opening hours instead of rocking up to your store when it is closed. In our fast paced world, consumers don’t want to actually have to pick up the phone and call you to find out such mundane information, or worse, have to go to a phone book to find your contact number. What does this mean for you then? It means it is time to invest in a solid website ASAP!

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