5 Reasons Why Your Company Must Buy Enterprise Email Hosting

If you are the owner of a company, whether it be a small start up or an already well established brand, there are a myriad of reasons as to why you should bypass free email hosting and invest in buying enterprise email hosting instead. Email hosting meant for enterprises provides one of the biggest benefits a company could benefit from – a medium of trust for your customers. There are a number of other reasons to invest in enterprise email hosting, so check out our top 5 reasons on why it is time for you to jump on the enterprise email bandwagon!

1.Company Trust

One of the downsides of a highly technological world is that online frauds have become an increasingly occurring instance – one that makes it all that more difficult to earn the trust of your customers online. Using free email hosting may not get the attention of your customers, sending you straight into the spam folder. When you invest in paid email hosting, all emails sent from from your employees come with their ID’s and company name in their email addresses – perfect for creating a trusted brand. In order to establish your brand and reputation with both new and existing customers, it is always recommended that you use hosted email services.

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2. You Get Bigger And More Customised Storage Space

We have all been there – free email hosting that only gives you a measly and limited amount of storage space. When it comes to corporate needs, free hosting just won’t cut it. Losing important emails and documents due to insufficient storage space can be an absolutely lethal mistake for businesses. When you invest in enterprise email hosting, you are provided with a significant amount of storage space, and one that is customisable to your company’s needs. This means no risk of running out of storage space, and no loss of important emails ever again.

3. Secured Communication

No customer likes their personal information shared with third parties. As an organisation, it is absolutely key that you protect the confidential and personal information of your customers, employees and your own company. The best way to provide this promise of security within all your communications channels is to completely abandon third party free email hosting and invest in your own email hosting. With your own email hosting also comes a built-in firewall which shields all your email accounts from catching viruses.

4. Technical Support

Technical support is one of the key features that free email hosting providers do not offer. This can be a problem during an emergency or at the most crucial of times. With paid email hosting services, reaching a support team member of your email provider is a breeze – assisting in keeping your email service up and running at all times. On top of this, you can opt to receive log reports and analysis for email delivery failure, enabling you to take remedial action on time, without sacrificing or losing business.
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5. Specialised Email Services That Enable Business On The Go

Many paid email hosting providers make specialised email services with a number of features that allow you to keep connected and do business on the go. One example is a built-in scheduler that automatically operates otherwise time-consuming calendar tasks. The features of shared calendars, tasks and contacts that can not only be accessed on a desktop computer but also through mobile devices and tablets helps keep you connected with everyone in your company, bringing a high level of efficiency to the operations of your organisation.
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