4 reasons why you should build your website on WordPress

WordPress is a wonderfully versatile platform you can use to design and host your own website. There are many different benefits to using WordPress, which is why it has long been a popular choice for both individuals and businesses looking to start their online journey.

Check out these 4 excellent reasons as to why WordPress should be your go to destination for building your website.

1. It’s open source

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress is the fact that is an open source website building tool, meaning it is free from commercial restrictions and limitations. This means it is free to use, and coders and developers around the world are constantly contributing to it, meaning you can customise your site to meet your needs. While many people will opt for WordPress hosting, the fact that it is open source means you can host it wherever you see fit.

2. Flexibility

WordPress is a complete content management system, offering customisable options that go far beyond just themes, thanks to the ever increasing array of plugins available. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available that help add all sorts of additional functionality to your website, whether you need help solving SEO issues, want to add a contact form, or set up a fully-fledged ecommerce system to sell goods through your site.

3. Usability

WordPress is so easy to use anybody can do it!

WordPress offers its users a simple and easy way of designing a website, adding functionality as necessary, thanks to the great plugins and the easy interface of WordPress software.

Every aspect of web design, even search engine optimisation, is simple when using WordPress. A little background knowledge to provide you with a basic understanding of SEO is a good idea, but with all the simple features and plugins available, it is all made easy.

WordPress is also easy to accommodate ecommerce needs, allowing your website to generate revenue, so whether you are looking for somewhere to publish just a basic blog, or a full scale interactive website, WordPress is the place to do so.

4. Well supported

Although technical issues are minimal thanks to the easy to use interface of WordPress, there is great support provided to users, not only by WordPress itself, but by individual users who have published blogs, articles, and videos about how to use the software, making a fantastic resource library available to anyone.

All of the above benefits, plus many more, make WordPress a fantastic platform for building your website. If you’re looking to build a website on WordPress, take a look at our WordPress Hosting services to see how we can help.

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