Why 2017 is the Best Time to Build a Business App

If you haven’t already optimised your business for mobile, then you’re missing out on a massive group of potential customers in 2017.

As of the end of last year, more people use mobile devices than desktop devices to use the internet, and why wouldn’t they? Our Smartphones are little computers we keep in our pockets, ready to answer any questions we may have and guide us through daily tasks. Whether we’re shopping, checking our bank balance or keeping in touch with friends, our first instinct is to reach for our phones and open an app. In a matter of seconds, we’ll have completed what we set out to do.

In fact, it seems like every day there is a new app released that gives us an additional reason to rely on our phones and makes our day to day lives easier.

Why not create the next one?

Mobile apps are a great way for businesses to provide value to their customers and gain valuable insights. Your business app doesn’t even have to be for your customers. Rather, it can be an internal app designed to help your employees complete daily tasks and automate records. As long as your app serves a purpose, it will be well worth developing one.

Add value to customer experience

Apps can be used to create a better experience for your customers, by generating another line of communication through which you can create value. Mobile apps engage the user in a more specific way than your website. Because your app sits on a person’s phone, a tool that they use constantly throughout the day, it provides an intimate connection between you and your customers.

Your mobile app, therefore, provides an additional touch point through which your customers can interact and bond with your brand. In order to utilise that touch point properly, you need the app to provide some sort of value to your customers. The more valuable they find the app, the longer they will use it and the more loyal they will be to your brand.

As people become more reliant on apps every day, it would be beneficial for you to build your app as soon as possible before your customers find an alternative that offers the same value.

Make your business processes easier

Building a business app for internal use is a great idea, as they can be extremely helpful for simplifying everyday business processes.

A good place to start thinking of ideas would be to consider what types of tasks your employees do away from their desks. If you have employees that work out in the field, a mobile app is a great way to make their jobs easier and gather real-time data, without the hassle of paperwork.

Enterprise mobile apps are used across almost every industry and profession from doctors to construction workers. The best part is that unlike other business software, when you build a mobile app, it’s made specifically for your business and your unique processes, allowing you to make the most of your productivity.

As we become more reliant on mobile resources, it’s important that we continue to think about ways to capitalise on these tools for business purposes. As with most technology, not only is it necessary to use in order to remain relevant but, when thought about strategically, apps can be leveraged in order to better your business.

In 2017, if you don’t begin to use apps in your business strategy, you risk missing out on key customers and letting productivity slide internally. For more tips on developing your business throughout the digital landscape, visit the Host Geek blog for regular updates!

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