10 UX Web Design Influencers To Follow & Boost Your Skills

Do you happen to be in the website design industry? Or are you just a business/website owner who is interested in improving the design, functionality, efficiency and overall user experience on your website? If so, you should most definitely have a look at the following list of UX Web design influencers for some great tips, ideas, and bonus connection opportunities.

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You may ask, what are influencers and why do they matter? Influencers are people who are already connected to your target audience that you are trying to reach. In addition to being connected to your target audience, they also have a special influence over that particular audience’s decisions and choices due to their level of trustworthiness and expertise in the field/industry. Connecting with these influencers and reaching out for a recommendation could very well propel your business to to a whole new level.

15 Web Design and UX Influencers to Follow

1. Ronald Bien

Naldz Graphics is a fantastic resource for graphic design/web design tips and other information.

2. Sean McCabe

Sean’s blog and podcasts are ideal options for anyone looking for web design and/or UX tips.

3. Chris Coyler

CSS-Tricks has everything you need to know about CSS – Chris’s website is the place to go for all your CSS needs.

4. Will Reynolds

Wil Reynolds has a both a personal website as well as Seer Interactive. Check the the Seer Interactive blog for useful insights.

5. Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is a contributor at the Content Marketing Institute. He has great advice for both graphic design and web design. Check out his blog for information about user experience and web design.

6. Mark Ford

Mark of Red Web Design shares ton of useful user experience and web design tips on his website.

7. Syed Balkhi

Syed Balkhi is a wizard on building WordPress websites right from the ground up. He has a ton of followers and a great audience, so don’t hesitate to connect with him!

8. Oli Gardner

Oli published on the blog at Unbounce.com – he is full of little-known UX and design tips you won’t find elsewhere on the web.

9. Steven Snell

Steven is the owner of Vandelay Design – a website definitely worth checking out!

10. Mike Monteiro

Mike’s Mule Design website  is wonderfully designed, but his blog is the real star here. Informative and regularly updated, it’s a goldmine for web designers.


So what are you waiting for? Connect with these design experts, reach out and bring your skills or business website to the next level today!

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