Infrastructure Upgrades Can Give Your Business The Edge

The IT department has often been seen as a dark horse in the needs of business. Once confined to the basement of headquarters, their image and influence has grown and been pushed to the forefront as their ability to enhance the digital edge of the business is gains more recognition. As more of tech whizzes explode onto the scene and grow in influence – such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and the many others that have created website platforms and applications that have changed and redefined business.

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Innovation in infrastructure upgrades also creates new avenues for business opportunity, market growth and brand empowerment and these infrastructure upgrades range from the hardware to the different softwares that provide the functional opportunities within to the niche markets. Businesses are operating in an era where first mover advantage opportunities are coming in by the waves and it would be a critical loss for those businesses that don’t strike while the iron is hot.

The Impact Of Web Server Upgrades

At Host Geek, we recently upgraded our data centres, with a view to further benefiting companies engaging in SEO activities in the local area. Looking to the industry leaders, Google use data centres for personalization and serving localized organic search results. In a post by Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable earlier this year, he mentioned that Google is obsessed with speed and the commitment to serve the relevant results to web users, hence the stronger dependence on local data servers. However, they did mention in the post that the synchronization of the data servers has been slower than usual. Nonetheless, the increased speed and relevancy will enhance the consumer journey and offer benefits to an enhanced local experience through upgraded data centre technology.

The Rise Of The Security Giants

As the World Wide Web continues to grow through the connection of mobile roaming technology and infrastructure developments, we are seeing a rise in e-commerce markets worldwide, especially in the technologically developing nations such as Brazil, South Africa and Vietnam. One of the key concerns affecting the growth in confidence in the web is the confidence in web security as, ultimately, any transactions that are conducted need to be done so in confidence and trust. While this has been predominantly good, in reality we are seeing an increase in web consumers becoming subject to internet fraud and malicious activities. In the second quarter of 2015, Akamai released a State of the Internet Report claiming that there has been a rise in the amount of cyber attacks and that the activity has increased across WordPress themes and plugins, as well as across web applications. Commercially, this could deter the user experience sought by customers and may potentially drive away sales and activity on e-commerce sites. To deter and prevent this, web hosting companies are working closely with security software providers to enhance the security and web experience to keep more people online and to further boost their confidence in shopping online.

Internet Security

The Development Of Mobile Applications

The innovation and growing popularity of smartphone and tablet devices has brought with it continual enhancements in guerrilla and experiential marketing, opening up direct marketing opportunities through app notifications and referrals to create a new ad space and further creative opportunities for digital marketers.

These infrastructure upgrades are unleashing a new wave of innovation, creativity and stability for businesses to take advantage of in 2015. As competitiveness grows fiercer in the digital space, it is important for businesses to captivate their audience by seizing the day via their own unique selling points.

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