Basic Email Hosting

Email Hosting 1

$ 3.21 per month*

  • Max 50 Mailboxes
  • 500MB Total Disk Quota

Email Hosting 2

$ 4.58 per month*

  • Max 100 Mailboxes
  • 1500MB Total Disk Quota

*When paid Annually. Billing cycle options: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, Annually and Bi-annually.

Ever had a promising meeting with a potential business, and then upon exchanging details, they give you a Hotmail address?

It can instantly impact their credibility and professionalism. Our email only hosting packages will give you the benefits of customised email accounts, without the requirements of a full web-hosting package.

Our POP/IMAP email hosting services come with online storage and webmail access, so that you can check your accounts wherever you are. All plans come with virus filtering and spam protection as well, for security and peace of mind.

Host Geek can set up your accounts on your existing software so that there are no interruptions, because we all know how important emails are for every business. Just choose a plan and we’ll have you up and running instantly.

all basic email plans include

Spam / Virus Protection

Included anti-spam and anti-virus protection

IMAP, POP3 & Webmail

Access your email via IMAP, POP3 or Webmail

Instant Setup

Service provisioned instantly upon first payment