Understanding the importance of SSL certificates

In the past, people viewed having a website and online marketing to be added extras, saved only for the largest companies with the most extensive budgets, but this time has passed. These days, if you want your business to be able to grow and succeed, having an online presence is absolutely essential.

If you do have a website for your business, security should be a top priority, especially when you think of all the sensitive information that can be held online. SSL certificates form a vital part of internet security.

What are SSL certificates?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and refers to a form of security for websites that handle sensitive information – this could be names, phone numbers, addresses, credit card details and more. SSL certificates work by creating an encrypted connection between a customer’s web browser and the web server your company’s website is hosted on. All data that travels between the web server and web browser will be encrypted by the SSL, making it safe and secure. SSL certificates are seen as an industry standard now and are used by millions of websites around the world.

What are the benefits of SSL certificates?

The main benefit of SSL certificates is that they encrypt information, meaning that it can only be read by the intended parties – e.g. business and customer. But there are a range of other benefits that SSL security offers to businesses and internet users.

You need them for accepting card payments

If you plan to take any form of card payment on your website, you need to meet Payment Card Industry compliance by having an SSL certificate.

They help build trust

In a world of increasing competition, you want to do everything you can to make customers choose you over your competitors. Internet users will instantly be more trusting of a website with an SSL certificate – as soon as they see the URL change from http to https they will feel more at ease about your website and business in general. Businesses will also often display a seal or symbol that indicates there is an SSL in place, showing customers they are on a website they can trust. If you want to build your trust even further, you can also opt for an Extended Validation certificate. EV certificates are an additional layer of security, displaying that trusted green bar and padlock on a visitor’s internet browser.

They protect customers against phishing scams

Phishing emails usually contain a link which leads customers to a replica of a certain site – the aim being to get the customer to enter their credit card information into the site. While the people behind these scams may be able to create replica sites, they usually struggle to get an SSL certificate. So if a visitor goes to a replica of your site, but sees no SSL certificate, they’ll know it is a fake.

If you need to attain an SSL certificate for your website, we have a range of cost effective solutions to meet your needs. Visit our SSL certificate page for more information.

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