What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website to ensure the sensitive data provided by your website's visitors will be transferred over a secure network.

Why is important to have an SSL certificate?

When doing business online, it’s important that your customers have full confidence in accessing your website and making transactions through it. SSL certificates are the bodyguards of the digital world – provides privacy, security and data integrity for both the website and visitors personal information.

Benefits of having an SSL certificate:

✅ Helps increase your website security
✅ Your customers will see you as a trustworthy brand
✅ Enhances the search engine ranking for your website
✅ Improves the speed of your website


Free SSL Standard Premium Wildcard Premium Wildcard True BusinessID with EV
FREE $48.40
Validity 90 Days 1-2 Years 1-2 Years 1-2 Years 1-2 Years 1-2 Years
Issuer LetsEncrypt RapidSSL® GeoTrust® RapidSSL® GeoTrust® GeoTrust®
Issuing Time Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes 1-3 Days 1-5 Days
Warranty   US$10,000 US$500,000 US$10,000 US$1,250,000 US$1,500,000
Validation Domain Domain Domain Domain Organisation Extended
Site Seal   Static Dynamic Static Dynamic Dynamic
Green Address Bar            
Unlimited Sub-domain Security            
Standard 128 / 256 bit SSL            
Standard 128 / 256 bit SSL and 2048 bit CSR encryption            
Encryption up to 256-bit            
Strong 128 / 256 bit encryption, industry standard WildCard SSL            
Up to 256-bit Encryption Strength with 2048-bit Signature Key            
256-bit encryption, Standard 2048 Bit Root Certificate            
Use Chained Certificates            
99.9% Desktop-friendly            
99.9% Mobile-friendly            
Install on unlimited servers            
Unlimited Server Licensing            
Installation Support            

FREE vs Paid SSL Certificates

FREE SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificates are valid for only 3 months and are provided by non-profit Certificate Authorities (CA). Our free SSL is powered by Let’s Encrypt which is a leading non-profit CA that provides SSL/TLS certificates. Even though free SSL is accessible to all websites, it does not come with support or warranty – absolutely no protection for your website’s end user.

Paid / Premium SSL Certificate

Paid SSL certificates are issued for 1-year or 2-year terms and are signed by a trustworthy certificate authorities (CA). They come with support and warranty. The warranty is a highly-desired insurance for your website’s visitors against loss of money when they submit a payment on an SSL-secured site and is an extra assurance that your website is safe to conduct business transactions online. This is reflected in the Site Seal that comes with a commercial certificate.

Host Geek can provide security to your website & customers

Host Geek is here to help, with a range of cost-effective solutions to match every business. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and free support, even help with Installation, if necessary. Not only are you protecting your customers, you’re protecting your business and yourself.