So why do I need an SSL Certificate?

So you have heard about SSL certificates. You may or may not know exactly what they are – but you want to know: Why do I need an SSL Certificate??

We have lots of Geeky details on the certificates that we offer on our website – but I’m guessing that you are more interested in the reasons you should be considering an SSL Certificate for your website in layman’s terms.

Here are the two main reasons you need an SSL Certificate for your website:

1) Better Search Rankings
Google started to give some priority to websites that use SSL to protect themselves in an update to their search algorithm in August 2014. You can read more on the Google Webmaster Central Blog

2) Builds trust with your visitors
Most website visitors are becoming savvier with the internet, and recent changes to all common web browsers highlight to your visitors if your website is safe (protected with an SSL). This proves you take your website and your visitor’s security seriously, and helps build trust. This is especially important if you sell online.

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Sounds Expensive!
It’s not! I’ll assume that if you have read down to here – that you want to both better your search results and build trust with your websites visitors (who wouldn’t!). For most websites the starting price is $44.

The good news is that if you want to get started with an SSL certificate the Geeks can help – and no technical knowledge is required! Just give them a call on 1300 722 504 or order online. Our team of geeks will sort out the process and install the certificate for you at no extra cost!

Looking for a Freebie?
The Geek is proud to announce the availability of Free SSL Certificates! You can now get a fully functioning SSL certificate (30 day validity) for FREE! Just jump onto this link and get started.
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