cPanel Server Security Service Making a Difference

Over the last 3 weeks since the release of our cPanel Server Security product, we have been able to help many of our customers improve the security of their servers. The response from our customers to this service has been fantastic, with many customers seeing instant results and benefits from the service in areas such as:

Threats detected and quarantined

One of the great features of this service is the active scanning of all files when they are created or changed for know exploits. We have already seen several cases of this active protection blocking an exploit script from being uploaded and run – keeping the site secure. Often in these cases an old site might already be compromised, but the script is able to detect and remove the files that provide access for the hacker, as well as stop some of the common scripts that they set up – such as spam scripts.

Checking for out of date web applications

Another enormously helpful tool provided as part of the cPanel Server Security Service is the ability to easily detect out of date web applications. Out of date applications provide the single biggest threat to the security of a site and server. With the cPanel Server Security Service we have been able to detect these out of date web applications and help our customers get these updated and stay protected.

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cPanel Security Service – Not just for HostGeek VPS Customers

While we highly recommend this service for our VPS and VDS customers, this service is not restricted to existing HostGeek customers.

Got a server hosted by another provider?

We are more then happy to provide our cPanel Server Security Service to customers with VPS or VDS style services hosted by other providers.

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