Why And How Your Agency Should Be Email Marketing

Any digital agency should know that any way to generate leads should be explored and acted upon – the moment you ignore new trends of gaining business because you’re stuck in your ways is the moment your business effectively starts stagnating.

While email marketing isn’t anything new, surprisingly there are a vast number of businesses out there who don’t realise the potential goldmine their business has accrued over the years in the form of client data and contacts.

If your agency isn’t actively using their email database, you’re missing out on a lot of potential leads and benefits. Below we’ll list a few reasons why and how your agency should be collecting email addresses and the benefits it can potentially bring:


WHY: Build Relationships

Email marketing allows you to not only cultivate relationships with new customers but strengthen existing ones too to make them aware of deals, news and company info.

HOW: Website Call To Action

One quick and simple way to boost email collections is to have a newsletter sign-up on your home page, highlighting the perks and benefits of receiving the news from you. This entices visitors to sign up and volunteer their contact information as they get something in return.

WHY: It’s Affordable

When it comes to lead generation, email marketing costs next to nothing. There are a large variety of email marketing providers out there with free and simple to use drag-and-drop templates making it not only easy but cost effective. As your database of contacts grows and you become more handy with the practice, you can upgrade to a paid membership.

HOW: Give A Talk To Your Industry

Offering a talk or webinar to industry figures is not only a great way to get your companies name out there but is also a great way of showing your knowledge and standing in your industry – speaking from an informed point of view will show attendees that your finger is on the pulse and will inevitably lead to more sign ups so they can keep up to date too.

WHY: Test To Find Your Ideal

There are a lot of variables to email marketing – from what day and time you send your newsletter to what headline and call to action you use. For this reason, send a variety of test emails to different sections of your client database to see who responds best to what.

These are just a few the reasons how and why your agency should be collecting email addresses. Once you get into the swing of email marketing you’ll never look back – it’s quick and easy lead generation at its finest.

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