Top Tips For Paid Advertising On Bing

Most of us are familiar with Google Adwords, the paid search marketing tool for Google’s search engine. What we don’t often consider is that there are other search engines out there with an often neglected customer base. Bing and Yahoo are both accessible for paid search marketing through Bing Ads, which is Microsoft’s version of Adwords.

The benefits of using Bing Ads are that it’s generally less expensive than Google Adwords and they allow you to use more characters in the headline of your ads. The general idea is the same, and you get the benefits of running a PPC campaigns such as being a fast way to drive traffic to your website, meaningful targeting and better brand awareness through search ranking.

In order to get the most out of your Bing Ads campaign, follow a few simple tips.

Keywords are the building blocks

Keywords are the building blocks of Search Engine Marketing, whether organic or paid. When it comes to paid advertising, keywords are useful for a number of reasons. Keywords determine what searches your ad will appear on. Once you build a solid keyword list of terms that have worked well on your paid ads, you can also use them for your SEO campaigns.  Paid ads are a quick way to test how effective a keyword is. Don’t forget to use negative keywords as well to ensure you stay on target and aren’t paying for useless searches.

Make it pretty

Your ad copy is what will influence a potential customer to click on your ad. Like with any other ad format, compelling copy is key to seeing success with Bing Ads. You need to come up with a pitch that will convince the customer to click on your ad, and you don’t have a lot of room to do it. They say that, when it comes to writing, it’s harder to be concise than anything else. It can be hard to get your point across when limitations are applied. The good news is that Bing Ads gives you more headline characters than Google Adwords does.

Keep your ad copy fresh and up to date. Test different ad copies to see which are more effective. After a bit of testing, you will figure out which ads are duds and which are the money makers.

The future is mobile.

Mobile use has surpassed desktop top use in the past year, meaning if everything you do online isn’t optimised for mobile, you’re surely missing out. When it comes to Bing Ads, you want to separate your mobile campaigns from your desktop campaigns in order to be most effective and have the most targeted settings. Location settings can be really helpful with mobile ads because you will show up for customers nearby. Using a call extension on your ad will also be helpful so that customers can directly call you from your ad while they’re on their phone.

You should also keep an eye on specific analytics for mobile campaigns. These include Mobile Click-Through Rate, Mobile Impression Share and Mobile Cost-per-Click.

Additional Information.

Bing Ads also offers a variety of extras including Bing Shopping and ad extensions which send customers to specific pages on your site, prompt them to call or get directions, or a variety of other calls to action.

Using Bing Ads will allow to you target your customers in a more precise way, bringing you value for money, traffic to your website and increased sales.

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