SCMA Members Offers

These offers are exclusively available to members of The Southern Community Media Association. For signup please email us.

SCMA Members Only Deals

Online Streaming

All streaming services offered to you include:
  • Free setup and installation into your website so your visitors can listen online easily.
  • Ulimited technical support.
  • Ability to Podcast - upload mp3 shows, interviews etc that can be played on demand.
  • AutoDJ if your stream goes offline then you can set it to automatically play music, programs etc
  • Welcome audio, ability to sell ADVERTISING (not sponsorship because ACMA has no control of the web) of your stream and an AD can be played before the stream is activated when a listener connects!
  • Full access to the control panel and features beyond most people's needs!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth transfer.
  • Choice of streaming players for your listeners (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime etc)
  • Flash Player which allows you to insert the stream into your website and play on click or automatically for all visitors.
  • Phone or remote control setup & support for the software used to stream from your station to the internet.
There are many more features which I could list but if you want a full demonstration or trial of the streaming please phone me and I'll setup an obligation free trial for a few days. Streaming Deal 1
  • Max 128kbps (you choose up to 128kbps could be 96, 128, 64, 32 etc...)
  • Max 50 Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free setup / support at station (remotely)
  • SCMA MEMBERS PRICE $20/month
  • non SCMA members $30/month
Streaming Offer 2
  • Max 64kbps
  • Max 50 Listeners
  • Free setup / support at station (remotely)
  • SCMA MEMBERS PRICE $10/month
  • non SCMA members $20/month

Web Hosting

Web hosting that works for you, with full support and unlimited email accounts so you can have etc
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • 20GB bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • SCMA Members $50/year or $5/month
  • OR - Choose from any of our standard hosting plans and get 10% discount recurring.

Contra Deals

If your station is interested in a Contry deal possibility please chat with me about the idea, the advantages for Host Geek with these sorts of deals are often hard to measure, so I find it's usually not a viable option, selling web hosting etc on radio usually does not work :(

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