Virtual & Physical Dedicated Servers Made Easy & Affordable

Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • Independent virtual server
  • Complete control of your server’s resources
  • High availability with no downtime during upgrades
  • Resources can be dialed up or down
  • Host Geek’s Geektastic support included

Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • Your own physical server
  • Complete control of your server’s resources
  • Ideal for websites and apps with lineal requirements
  • Server is tied to the hardware
  • Host Geek’s Geektastic support included

Larger businesses with complex systems in need of a highly specialised solution – look no further. If your website receives high volumes of traffic or your applications need their own resources, dedicated servers will be highly beneficial to your business.

When choosing a dedicated server to run your website or web application, you need to consider the performance and scalability requirements before choosing the right server. If you are after a scalable solution, where you can dial up or down the resources as required, or you need high availability with automatic failover, then Virtual is the way to go.

However, if your application requirements are more linear, and you like the concept of your own physical server for your application, then a physical dedicated server is the way to go

Dedicated Server Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Dedicated Sevrers best suited to?

There is no hard and fast rule for this. Dedicated servers are an excellent option for eCommerce websites that receive a lot of visitors; complex websites which are resource hungry; websites that require the ability to dial up their resources due to large spikes in visitors.

Do I need any technical skills?

If you want to manage your own server we would recommend that you have a reasonable level of knowledge of servers and networking. Luckily we also offer Server Management as an add-on service which allows you to focus on your business while we take care of your servers.

Do you offer server backups?

Host Geek provides continuous, reliable backups of Dedicated Sever system using R1Soft Server Backup. R1Soft Server Backup leverages CDP (Continuous Data Protection) technology to provide quick, non-intrusive backups of your server system.