Domain Name Freebies

Every Host Geek Domain Name inlcudes FREEBIES!

So... Unlike the other companies providing domain names... and charging you for little extras, we at Host Geek give em' away for NOTHING!

LOOKING FOR A CRAZY DOMAINS COUPON CODE? Well you don't need one... At Host Geek we provide you with all the extra features Crazy Domains charges you extra for.

Transfer your domain name from Crazy Domains and we'll transfer it FREE OF COST! Transfer 5 or more and we'll give you a FREE domain name!

What we'll include FOR FREE:

1. Free Single Page Website!

We'll do the hosting for a single page website, that you provide to us. We allow hosting of a basic 'Business Card' style web page...  with a maximum of 2 images. You can use a css stylesheet, text and images that will appear when you navigate to

All we ask is a link to Host Geek! But if you don't want to include it, that's fine with us!

2. FREE Email forwarding!

Now you've got your domain name setup, and you really only want to use it for branding purposes we'll allow you to forward your emails from to or

You can use and it'll forward to one email address!

You can setup specific emails like to forward to another email address independant of other forwarding at a cost of $5 per year for these additional forwards!

So all you need to do is open a support ticket once your domain name is registered and we'll set it all up for you!

3. FREE Privacy Protection!

So it's a known fact that domain name registration details can be obtained by anyone with the know how!

The WHOIS database is accessible by anyone on the Internet. Therefore, when you register a domain, you risk exposing your name, address, email, and phone number to spammers, marketing firms, and other online fraudsters.

Host Geek will offer you COMPLETE privacy protection FREE with every domain name purchase! To ensure your personal information is not placed into the wrong hands!

For .au domain name privacy protection is not allowed... but the information available is significantly less than a .com! Just your name, email and ABN is available.... we are able to offer an email service for this on a request basis, so that you can prevent unwanted spam or contact through the registrant email address for your .au domain name.


Crazy Domains charge a fortune for all of the above! Yet they have budget pricing on domain names and try to get you to add these additional extras!

Let's take a look at Crazy Domains and their pricing!

Crazy Domains DON'T offer Option 1... it's too much hassle for them, we DO!
Crazy Domains offer Option 2 - at a cost... of $14 PER YEAR - that takes a Domain to $48 for 2 years! @ Crazy Domains
Crazy Domains offer Option 3 - at a cost... of $7 PER YEAR - that pushes a Domain to $62 for 2 years! @ Crazy Domains

Now you do the maths! Register your domain name with Host Geek today!

The pricing listed above was obtained from at 1st June 2013 and is correct at time of publishing.

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