ICANN Announces Generic Domain Name Applicants

Jun 15th, 2012No Comments
Have you even thought about owning your own generic top level domain name (gTLD) such as .computer or .car? Well, ICANN has taken applications in recent months for these generic domains and the applicants were revealed yesterday. You can view the list here. Some of the applicants include Google, Apple and Yahoo with a total of 1930 applications. Amazon applied for 76 domains which, by our calculation, cost over 14m!

Cost To Apply

To apply for your generic domain name, the cost is a massive US$185,000 which meant that these domains mostly appealed to larger corporations. In addition to this fee, the applicant also needed to demonstrate technical, legal and marketing skills as well as being able to prove financial security.

The benefit of a gTLD

The applicantĀ  will effectively become a registrar with complete control of the domain. So, the company can open it up to others and potentially make a lot of money as a registrant. Or they could keep the domain for their own use. The SEO implications of these new gTLDs are not exactly clear yet. However, you would have to expect that a .car domain name would have a positive impact for a car sales website.

Final Words

Whether these new gTLDs are profitable for their owners or not has yet to be seen. What it will come down to, is whether consumers embrace the new domains or stick to what they are used to eg .com, .com.au. For a large corporation like Google, applying for .google is small change with the potential for big gains. However, for a small to medium sized business the risk to reward would be very high. Time will tell. For now, it is a waiting game, as the new domains will not be available for users for another year.      

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