How To Setup Domain Keys

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What Is E-Mail Authentication? E-Mail Authentication takes into account several properties of an e-mail to verify if the origin of the e-mail is in fact as it is represented in the headers of the message. These methods prevent forged mail from going being sent from or sent to your mail servers. The great benefit of enabling these methods is to prevent mail from looking like it is coming from your domain(s). When enabled, these methods should reduce the amount of bounce messages or unwanted e-mails received when spammers spoof one or more of your e-mail addresses. What Are Domain Keys? Domain Keys provide a way for E-mail Providers to verify the e-mail sender and the integrity of the messages sent. This allows an e-mail system to prove a message was not altered during transit (e.g. proves the message is not a forgery) and that the message did come from the specified domain. Domain Keys can be enabled; however this is only effective on a server that is set up as the authoritative DNS server for the zone. How to SETUP? Both settings can be done in your cPanel, login to and go to your email-settings tab; here you will find Email Authentication. Please note that these settings are ONLY effective on a server that is setup as the authoritative DNS sever for the zone (domain). DNS As the changes you make for Domain Keys will adjust your DNS records it will only work if HostGeek is handling your zone; in short this means that your domain should use any of our nameservers or in case of a Managed VPS its own nameserver. When a change is made it will take some time for the DNS records to propagate correctly; this may take up to 24hours depending on DNS servers worldwide. If you need help with setting it up correctly contact our support department.

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