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Apr 21st, 20101 Comment
At Host Geek we're looking after Aussies. Transfer your .au domain name to Host Geek free of cost and we'll give you free web hosting for the remainder of the registration. If you've got 8 or 18 months remaining on your domain name registration then that's how much free hosting you'll get. You get the full features of our Entry Geek Business Web Hosting Package for however long your domain name registration is valid. Domain name transfer is free for .au domain names that have more than 3 months remaining before renewal. If you have 3 months or less remaining before your domain name expires you will be required to pay for the renewal in order to complete the domain name transfer, this will renew your domain name for 2 years from the time it is due to expire. If you have less than 3 months remaining on your domain name you can still get free hosting but you will be required to pay for the renewal up front at a cost of $35AUD So now we've gone over the technical terms etc we'll make it simple: - Transfer any .au domain name to Host Geek and you'll get FREE business web hosting for the period of that registration. This offer is valid until May 31 2010. Transfer Your Domain Name Here Once you've initiated the transfer submit a support ticket and we'll setup your free web hosting account.

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