9 Questions About Web Hosting Answered

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Shopping around for web hosting? A little confused by some of the technical terminology? Realistically, it isn't really that complicated. By understanding a few basics about web hosting and web hosting service providers, you can easily select a web hosting provider that suits your needs. Hopefully we tick all the right boxes either way we hope you find these 9 basic questions useful in understanding what web hosting is and how it will be a benefit to you. 1.  What Is a Web Host? A web host is a service provider that offers you a platform on which your website can be located. Many web hosts will have a number of different hosting packages available for example Host Geek provides three core business web hosting packages that suit most people.  The hosting package that you choose will largely depend on your web hosting requirements. 2.  Where Is Your Business and Where Are You Going? If you have a start-up business, keeping costs low is a major priority. However, if you see your business growing rapidly in the future, you will need to keep in mind how this may affect things such as your website and web hosting package. Host Geek provides you the ability to instantly upgrade your service and increase the requirements as your business grows. 3.  What Level of Technical Expertise Do You Have? We know that business owners have a limited understanding of web hosting and everything that is involved in making a website available on the internet, we also know that you should focus on your business which is what you do best that's why we provide a fully managed web hosting solution that comes with 24/7 dedicated support. You don't need to have any technical expertise. Many web hosts won't provide support and you'll be left wondering why your website is not online all the time. 4.  Are Free Hosting Packages Worthwhile? While there are some good free web hosting companies out there, you need to think carefully about signing up for one. Generally, free web hosting packages are free because the hosting providers sell advertising space on the websites they host. This means that you may not be able to control the content on your website. In addition, free hosting packages generally have limited support services and can seldom be upgraded to other packages another key factor is that free web hosting services are often unreliable and can suffer from significant downtime with no assurance or uptime guarantee available. 5.  What Is an E-commerce Website? An e-commerce website is basically an online shop or a website that sells a product or service. It requires specialised hosting to ensure it functions properly, usually this requires an SSL certificate to make sure that the information website visitors provide is secure. The web host you choose should be knowledgeable about hosting e-commerce sites and be able to provide you with technical support geared towards e-commerce web hosting. 6.  What Is a Marketing or Corporate Website? A standard commercial or marketing-type website is by far less complicated than an e-commerce website. This type of website is essentially a shop window for your business as it showcases who you are and what you do. While you may not sell products on the website, it still requires that you choose a reliable web hosting service provider to ensure your presence is available all the time. 7.  What Makes a Web Host Reliable? One of the most important considerations is the level and efficiency of the technical support provided. No system is flawless so when things go wrong, you need to know that it can be fixed as quickly as possible. A reliable web hosting provider will have technical support available who can assist you with any problems you encounter. The stability of the web hosting server is another important factor, this is often measured by uptime. A well-maintained and managed server should seldom go down and this is what you should expect from a web host, a website that is accessible 24/7/365. 8.  What About Website Security? A quality web host should provide a decent level of security on the server. It is also important for the website owner to ensure that their website is not vlnerable because of poorly coded software or scripts. It is important to keep it constantly updated to keep your system protected. We keep our servers up to date and secure by ensuring that all software is reliable and stable. 9.  Where Do You Find a Good Web Host? If you're reading this then you'll already be at the right place, Host Geek is a great web host! We strive to provide Quality, Reiable services with exceptional support and we really can't see why you should go past us. Without honking or own horn too much, it is wise to shop around and compare before you buy. But be sure to remember that we offer an obligation free trial of our services for anyone considering  our services. So give us a try today, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

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